Here is the inaugural issue of a new magazine. The submissions have been excellent. Just what I wanted. They are world- wide with a majority coming from North America. So, come on UK get cracking! I think there is a good balance here. Emotions are to the for but expertly presented in show don’t tell craft.  Joseph Farina reminds us of the ordeal for some of school days; there are slices of neighbourhood life in RT Castleberry’s ‘The body acting upon Mind’. Colin James’ poems are a fine example of economy of words to achieve maximum meaning.  Many deal with the harsh realities of negotiating everyday life for example, Lynne White’s excellent ‘Honest Enough’. Robert Penwick’s ‘Seven Days Sober’ makes us understand the complexities of kicking the drink. More positively Shafinur Shafin celebrates the human body and we end with Jim Landwehr’s life affirming ‘Room for Crazy?’ a vignette that will resonate with all of us.